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Asscher shape vs. Princess Shape


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Can anyone tell me the advantages or disadvantages to getting an Asscher cut? I read somewhere that you could get a 1ct Asscher cut and it looks tiny (compared to a princess cut of the same weight) due to the way that the diamond is shaped.


If that is the case, do you think a princess cut would be a better choice?


I am looking for a squarish diamond and these seem to be the top two choices.


Thanks in advance for any info!

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As far as these two diamonds go, I personally prefer the Princess. Just based on the fire and brilliance that it gives off when compared to an Asscher. Another thing that I like about it [Princess] is that the clarity characteristics (inclusions), can be hidden a lot better in the princess. Whereas, with the Asscher which is square emerald cut (defined by GIA) is really like looking through a window, so you want a higher clarity compared to a Princess, which can of course effect price. So you do have the ability to get a way with less on the clarity and more on the carat, as far as the princess goes. Make sure that you look closely at the length-width ratios, so that you get a squared princess cut stone, otherwise you will be in for a rectangular surprise :D


One last thing that I forgot to mention on the Asscher cut that I like is that since the Princess cut is more popular, you can never really take away from being different. Sometimes it's good to have something that's a little different.


By the way, what is the diamond for?

ie., Earring(s), ring, pendant...

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