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Help! Need Advice for specific setting and diamond


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I appreciate any feedback you guys and gals can give me. I am planning to ask my girlfriend to marry me by the end of the year.


Basically what I know is I want to keep it under 10,000 with tax. The ring we like is the Scott Kay split shank (5/8 Carat). Bailey Banks and Biddle has this ring.

Here is a link to the setting. Hopefully this works.




For the center stone I have been looking on Blue Nile and found an ideal cut princess stone, approximatelty VS1/VS2, G in color, and around 1 carat. Obviously, I am willing to work on these specs to get it within my price range and upgrade the diamond later on.


I believe if I go through Bailey Banks for this ring it will cost significantly over 10,000. I have been debating other ways to do this to make it work.


1) To get the Scott Kay band at Bailey Banks and buy the diamond from Blue Nile for example and have Bailey Banks put the diamond in. I do not know how that will go over with them? or vice versa?


2) Go to a private company to make this ring.


3) Scratch this ring all together because it will not work under 10,000 and if it does work it will look ridiculous to have this setting have a 1 carat or under diamond in the center.


Basically I am confused and do not know what to do. I know that we do like that band however I have other concerns as well. If I go through a private company, I obviously want it to be reputable and for them to make a quality ring and not just throw the cheapest parts together.


I currently live in Northeast Ohio but travel to Michigan and South Florida quite often.


I do not know what help any of you can offer but any advice would be appreciated.


So to sum this up:

1) Am I being too unrealisitc with the ring and diamond I have selected for my price range?

2) What is the best way to go about getting a quality ring for approximately the criteria I have selected and my price range? Are there other specifications you would recommend that would be ideal for this ring and my price range?

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