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I want to buy a blue diamond


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I would like to buy a blue diamond of the highest quality.


I am looking for a GIA, EGL certidied diamond of 1 to 3 carrats in weight.


I want something that is either radiance or round cut.


It must me F to SVV1 in quality.


What should I be looking for to ensure that my investment is sound?

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If by the ‘highest quality’ you mean the most expensive natural color, clarity and cut in a 3 carat size, be prepared to drop a bundle of money. Don’t be surprised at 6 digit price tags! This is not for the faint of heart and you shouldn’t even consider one that’s supported purely by an EGL grading report. On the other hand, the least expensive 1 carat stone with a distinctly blue tint can be purchased for under a few hundred dollars. These probably aren’t worth the additional cost of the lab exam.


Do a bit more research about what you’re looking for. Pay attention to whether the color is natural or if it’s the result of treatment. Almost all are treated. Don’t believe any claims of natural color that aren’t backed up by a lab report and don't believe a report from a lab that you don't recognize.


Neil Beaty


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