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How common is a "faceted girdle" on a diamond?

Guest biamond

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Guest biamond

I took my diamond to a different jeweler to have it fixed - the prongs were holding the diamond slightly crooked (the place I purchased the ring is out of town) and when I took it in, the jeweler looked under the microscope and told me that it had a faceted girdle, and that was its identifying feature. He said it made my ring unique, and that is how I would know that I was getting the same diamond back, when I returned to pick it up. I returned a week later to pick it up and the color and size of my diamond seem slightly different, (originally my diamond is certified as H color and VVS1 clarity, .70 karat) now it looks slightly bigger and a little yellow, but it's a very slight difference. However, the jeweler showed me the faceted girdle under the microscope, to prove that it is the same diamond, does this mean it is my diamond, or could he have switched it?


Please help.

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The odds of a diamond being switched these days are very remote.. About the same as taking your car in to be worked on and having the mechanic wreck it while driving it around town having fun.. It has happened, and it will happen again, it's just simply not that common..


What you are seeing as for as the difference is most likely part of several issues.. One, our visual memory is rarely 100% acurate and items we have an attachment to tend to be elevated in our minds.. Add to this that your ring has been modified, however slightly, and has had a professional cleaning which in itself may make the stones appear slightly different since they are as clean as they can be, excluding that other thread here :D


I can't speak to the commonness of faceted girdles, but it is an identifying charachteristic.. But I prefer to see inclusions plotted since those are always unique..

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