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my diamond has a brown hue after sizing


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I had my diamond engagement ring sized yesterday and when I picked it up the diamond now has a brown torched look to it. The jeweler said that is normal after sizing and he didn't have enough time to re-clean it. That I should soak it overnight in water and dish soap and it would be fine. Well I did that and it still is not the beautiful ring I had yesterday. Is there any recommendation you can give me to clean my diamond? Thank in advance for any help you can offer


my email is dabruck@peoplepc.com

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Normal! Go back and complain to the jeweler. :D


It's probably true that it's just a cleaning issue but it's ridiculous that the jeweler would just hand it back to you and expect you to do it yourself. Cleaning the jewelry before returning it to the client is part of doing the job properly. It’s part of the difference between doing a job fast and doing it half-assed.


On second thought, find another jeweler and get their assistance. Most jewelers with a shop on site have much better tools and equipment than you do for this sort of thing and the cleaning should be fairly easy. If it turns out to be something more than a simple cleaning job, THEN go back and complain. Otherwise never go back again. This jeweler doesn’t disserve your business but it may give you a good testing opportunity to find someone who does. When you find a jeweler who will treat you the way you disserve, tell your friends.


'Jewelers' like this are an embarassment to the industry but there are plenty of good ones out there.


Neil Beaty


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I'm with Neil on this one.. While there is likely no real damage done to the stone, it did fail a quality check by being given to you dirty.. He should have begged you to let him fix the problem by bringing it back to be 'professionally' cleaned the right way instead of hoping that soaking the ring will breakdown the borax coating that was left on the diamond..


And for the record, I doubt that soaking it over night will clean it.. It needs to be pickled in acid and cleaned properly to get rid of all of the residue..

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