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glows in black light


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my friend's engagedment ring has a marquis diamond in the middle and baguettes on the sides. when we went out for the bachelorette party her marquis diamond was glowing a purplish blue color under the black light. do you know what this means? she's wondering if it's fake!

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Hi Miss86,


The glowing under blacklight (UV) is called fluorescence. Florescence is a form of luminescence which results from the interaction between light's energy and the diamond’s atoms. Trace amounts of impurities within the diamond, such as nitrogen, boron and possibly hydrogen, cause diamonds to fluoresce. About 35 percent of gem quality diamonds will emit a certain amount of fluorescence. This phenomenon is best seen under an ultraviolet (UV) lamp. However, you can also see fluorescence in sunlight because of the high concentration of UV. Fluorescence usually disappears when the UV source is removed. The most common color of diamond fluorescence is blue, which is displayed in a variety of intensities. About one percent of diamonds can fluoresce in an assortment of other colors as well.


I hope this answers your question.



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