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Is this a good deal


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Is 5,700 a good price for this diamond?


Round Brilliant

1.18 carat


61.7% Depth

60% table

Medium to slightly thick, faceted girdle

small cutlet


very good polish & symmetry


vs1, H

fluoresence - none




And another question, for a platinum band, is the difference from an F color to H color very noticeable?


Thanks in advance

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5700 is ballpark for the diamond you described. One would need to inspect it physically to be certain.


I don't think the difference between F and H is noticeable once the ring is being worn. Only when compared side by side with an F-colored diamond will the difference be fairly noticeable (at least to me; eyeballs vary though).

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Honestly, that is a good price. It also looks "on paper" like a nice diamond. The only aspect that I noticed that could be better was the table percentage. While a 60% table percentage is fine, you can get more sparkle out of the diamond when looking at round diamonds with smaller table percentages. Regarding the "F" to "H" color comparison for platinum use, either will work well. However, the "F" would obviously be a whiter diamond. Although, that issue really boils down to personal preference. All in all it looks like you will be pleased with that diamond. See if you can take a look at it and then decide if its the diamond for you. Good luck....



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thanks for all the replies. well, i finally decided on a stone. i didn't go with that one. i decided on a round cut with a slightly better color (F). i kept going back to it, so I finally picked it. it should look very nice in its tacori setting.


thanks again for all the help.

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