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E,SI1 or H,VS2?


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:D hi all,


it's me again, i am in the midst of considering the 2 diamonds below, wonder if anyone can let me know which is a better buy?


Stone No. 1

Colour: E

Clarity: SI1

Table: 58%

Depth: 60.8%

Girdle: Thin to Medium faceted

Weight: 1.09 carat

Fluorecence: None

Culet: Medium

Polish: Excellent

Symmetry: Very Good

Comments: Extra facet on the side of the pavillion. No GIA no. laser inscription.

Cost: approx. USD 6390


Stone No. 2

Colour: H

Clarity: VS2

Table: 57%

Depth: 59.8%

Girdle: very thin faceted

Weight: 1.04 carat

Fluorecence: None

Culet: None

Polish: Excellent

Symmetry: Very Good

Comments: GIA laser inscription no & "Proudly South Africa diamond" laser insription.

Cost: approx. USD 6040


Both stones come with GIA certification.


Any advice is much much appreciated & thanks a lot for replying.

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thanks ben for your reply... what do u mean by physical inspection? for the ESI1 stone, the jeweller told me its not something i should worry about.... apparently its from the rough stone that they can't managed to cut/polished (??? wonder what it means)


as for the HVS2 stone, i didnt quite like the thin girdle as well as i am afraid it might be easily chip...


i think i shall go and look for another piece then..... :D

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When reading your messages I noticed a key quote that you made. You said "all stones looks more or less the same to me". With that said, pick what you feel looks the best. While it is important to know the quality and value of what you are purchasing it is equally important to buy what you like. Think of it this way, even though the light performance of a diamond is an important aspect to the diamond will your friends, co-workers, or your family members come up to you and ask "Nice diamond, how did it rate under a light performance analysis?". So be educated and find out what you want to know about the diamond, because this is an important purchase that you will be making, but don't forget that what ultimately matters is how it looks to the eye. Good luck.....



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