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How to take a picture of a diamond???


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The camera I have is a pretty decent one, 6.1 megapixels, digital, etc.


I have tried to take pictures of this ring....they don't turn out very well, for some reason the camera is having trouble focusing on the diamonds. Is it because of the light they reflect? Any suggestions???

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It sounds like you are using an auto-focus camera. That may be the issue, although many of the newer cameras have a setting for up-close shots, usually iconified by a little flower on the control. The reflection and light characteristics of the diamond do not generally trip up the auto-focus function.

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It can be tricky. As Hermman points out, make sure you are using the macro setting on your camera. Many cameras won't let you get closer than about 6 inches and stay in focus. Practice taking pictures of a coin, they are much easier and you can develop the skills.


Use lots of light and pay attention to the shadows and what is reflected in the stone.


Use a tripod or some other stablizer. It's almost impossible to get a decent image of very small things if you're handholding the camera.


If you're taking a pic of an unmounted stone it's especially difficult. The dealers work very hard to develop this skill and it's a closely held secret exactly how they do it because it's such a huge part of what makes one site look better than another.


You can sometimes trick the autofocus by placing something with a sharp edge like a needle next to the diamond and at the same distance from the lens while you take the picture. The autofocus will sharpen the line of the needle and, at the same time, bring the diamond into focus. The AF is very confused by the reflections in the stone. Crop it out with an editing program afterwards.


Good luck


Neil Beaty


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