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what does it mean when they write diamond enhanced


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It can mean various things, it could be clarity enhanced which generally means that the diamond is filled or drilled. If color enhanced it could mean that the diamnd is really a lower color but has been put through a process to make the color appear whiter.

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It means: DON'T BUY IT!!


I know I'll catch some flack from some of the regulars on here, but in my very humble opinion an enhanced diamond is just not worth buying. It means that it used to be a low-quality diamond, but has been artificially enhanced through heat, lasers, high pressure, chemicals, treatments, you name it, to look like a high-quality diamond.


But, make no mistake... a lemon is a lemon no matter how you dress it. Aside from losing the symbol of purchasing a pure gem from nature to symbolize a special moment and relationship, enhanced diamonds are prone to chipping and breaking more than their pure counterparts.


My 2 cents...

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