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Help - am I getting a good price?


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If someone could help me understand if I am getting a good price, I would really appreciate it.


I have decided on a diamond with the following info:


Cut: Round

Carat: 2.01

Color: H

Clarity: S1

Polish: Excellent

Symmetry: Excellent

Diameter: 8.25

GIA rated

Cost: $18,100


I am not sure if there is additional info I can add to help the feedback, so if so, please let me know.


Thank you so much - those providing feedback are very helpful.

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Hard to say with certainty without actually seeing it. The range for a 2.01/H/SI1 diamond is around $12K-$22K, all depending on the make and other less obvious factors. If it's an excellent stone and you're buying from someone you trust, then you are definitely in the ballpark.

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Thank you for the note. Yes, someone highly recommended and the GIA report seems very favorable. I compared it to several comparable diamonds of varying color and clarity.


How much of an impact does the polish and symmetry have? By this, I mean by comparison to VG/VG?



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