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is buying an antique worth it?


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My boyfriend has told me I should start looking at rings.




I really like the look of vintage/antique rings, but I am unsure about how to research if I am getting a good deal. I found a ring that I LOVE. The description on the website where it is being sold is as follows:


"This vintage platinum European-cut diamond engagement ring weighs 3.1g and measures 7.5mm wide and 6mm deep. Prong-set above an illusion style gallery detailed with filigree scrollwork is a 1.09ct European-cut diamond graded P/Q color and VS2 clarity. The block style shoulders, bead-set with 0.12cts of single-cut diamonds graded H color and SI clarity range, and fine mille-graining add a glittery element that draws the eye towards the shimmering center stone."



The only thing that worries me about the ring is the color. I read the Blue Nile tutorial about how to pick a diamond and P/Q is definitely not in the reccomended color range.


Would you reccomend buying a loose stone of better color and having a similar setting made to look antique? Or would the P/Q color add to the look of a vintage ring?


Please help ;)



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Nice ring!!


P/Q color is definitely trending toward yellow. In fact, it's not hard to see the yellow tint in the picture you provided. Do you like the yellow tint? I happen to think it has an antique feel to it... you know how old things tend to turn yellow with age :-).


In any case if you like the yellow tint, then your only concern is to make sure you're not paying colorless prices.

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I'm with Ben. That looks like a lovely ring. P/Q is not the most popular color but this doesn't make it bad. The grading only becomes a problem when the customer is told that they're buying one thing then they get delivered something else entirely.


That's a classic early 20th century piece when most of the stones in the marketplace were being mined in southern Africa. High clarity, low color and good sizes were very typical. It's usually a good idea to get this sort of thing appraised by someone experienced in vintage jewelry because the issues are different than with new merchandise but I see no red flags so far.


Neil Beaty


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