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help newbie: fair price on antique deco ring?


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I found an antique engagement ring I would like to purchase, but I'm a little concerned about the price.


I liked the stone and setting more than any of the others I saw close to my price range. It seemed lively (though not as much as a loose .71 G VS1 I saw later in the day), and i know it's something my girlfriend would like: a simple platinum setting, Art Deco style, antique ring. I saw it at Lang Antiques, who seem to be a reputable place.


some details:

round cut

1.15 carat

I color, SI1 clarity

Maybe 35 points of smaller diamonds on the band

I could see the open culet, which they said was the style at the time of the ring's making.


It does not have certification papers, as some other of their rings do. It's priced at $7650 (when asked if they could do better on the price they said they could come down to 7k).


I'm sure some of this is subjective to the viewers eye. I notice from reading here, pricing out a similar diamond on the web will give me a large range of prices given the other information i don't have (depth, etc).


Does this seem to be a fair price for this diamond/ring? It seems a little pricey to me.




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Do you know if you fiancee' likes the older cut diamonds versus the modern brilliant cut diamonds. There are some mountings that are being made out there like an Art Deco style, but you wouldn't have to sacrifice the sparkle factor of the newer cut. I would check with her which cut that she like best before your spend your dollars. Also in a recent survey, about 95% of the women wanted to be involved in the shopping of the engagement ring since it is something they will wear for a long time. They preferred to be surprise by *when* it was given but not *what* was given.

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Thanks for the reply, Jan.

I know she likes antique style rings, as she's pointed me in the right direction with some pictures from that particular jeweler, and some thoughts on the matter. ;) As far as diamond cut, I'm not sure which she prefers. I'm not too particular about cut, and I appreciate the fact it's an antique ring. I have the ring on hold for a few more days while I shop around some more, but I would like to have one within the next week.


Any opinion on the price, or is it subjective?


Thanks again!

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Most antiques do not have lab reports because the labs will only examine a stone unmounted. Removing and resetting in the mounting can be destructive to both and it’s just not worth the risk. The market for these pieces is different in every city and it will depend a lot on where and how you shop as well as requiring a moderate amount of luck in turning up the ring that’s exactly right for you. It’s also quite different than the market for modern stones. The shopping process is a little more time consuming but this is part of what makes vintage pieces special. I gather that you’ve been looking for a while, have you found others that you count as comparable?


Who said it’s a 1.15ct. SI1-I and how did they decide this?


Neil Beaty


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