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diamond price

Monica Paluso

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1. The cut quality -- read this website in detail to get a better idea of what I mean by that.


2. If purchasing SI3, be sure to determine the location of the flaws. Make sure they are not readily visible by the naked eye, because once you do find a flaw, you will always be able to see when you wear it.


3. What type of setting?


4. Does the diamond come with a certification from GIA, AGS, or others?


These are just starters... again I recommend you read through this website, messages, etc., and you'll begin to get a much better idea of what to look for.


Good luck!!

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Agree with Ben. Buy the diamond, not the price. In diamonds, as with everything else you buy, you get what you paid.


An SI-3 clarity grade, pardon my French, is IMO, a bulls--t grade which puts a consumer squarely in the twilight zone. It's like being a little bit pregnant. it is either a SI-2 or I-1.

What SI-3 does, is allow the seller to hit you up for more money.


You will not see the best grading labs in our Industry, GIA or AGS use the SI-3 grade.

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