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Where to find an appraiser


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After buying a stone online, I am told I should have its value confirmed by an appraiser. Where do I find these people? Would most jewelry stores be able to do this? Do I have to pay for this service? Also, during the appraisal, are they checking just to see if the diamond matches the certificate, or are they doing there own type of grading? Do they give you something in writing? Is this the same appraisal I would get for insurance purposes? So many questions!!!!


Any tips would be useful. Thanks

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Look in your yellow pages for an independent appraiser ( someone that doesn't sell jewelry or diamonds). Sometimes if you go to a competing jewelry store they have a tendancy to knock the stone because they are in competition for the sale.

Also beware of some of the online appraisers that frequent all the forums. Some have biases towards the online vendors that they do alot of *business* with. Some even have links on their sites advertising them. Heard one say the other day how some of his biggest *clients* were ones that advertise on certain forums. His clients are suppose to be the* buyers* (public) not the *sellers* (websites). In this scenario you are paying for someone to rubber stamp a stone of one of his business associates.


If you are needing an appraisal for insurance purposes, this is different than just checking to see if the stone matches the lab report. There is usually a smaller charge for this services. They should give you something in writing as well.

An appraisal for insurance purposes with also be in writing and will have all the details of the center diamond as well as the mounting.

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There are several online directories of appraisers to help find one in your town. Some are working from jewelry stores, auction houses and other selling environments while others are more independent. Not all offer the same services or charge the same rates but if you find someone that looks promising, ring them up and ask them.







Neil Beaty


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...  Heard one say the other day how some of his biggest *clients* were ones that advertise on certain forums...



I guess that is a Freudian $lip



Also, I would recommend more than just asking if the diamond matches the report, ask if the diamonds clarity grade is a mid to high range grade.



It is helpful to think of the clarity grades as a range, and not an exact, precise, quantifiable term.


Within these ranges of clarity there are for example, good SI-1's, bad SI-1's and maybe even the ugly SI-1's. ( this analogy will hold true thru the other clarity ranges as well)


It is common sense that diamond sellers that stock diamonds will buy for stock the nicer of these ranges of clarities and especially the nicer (eye clean) SI's .


With the diamond sellers that stock diamonds buying only the 'good' SI diamonds for their stock, this of course leaves the bad and the ugly to be sold elsewhere.


Many of these stones end up on the 'virtual lists' sold sight unseen on the internet



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