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buy loose or buy set?


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Hi everyone,

I just have a couple of questions. I just started looking for a diamond band for myself, not an engagement ring of course, but just for me. What I'm looking for is a thin diamond band (2mm max), eternity style diamong ring in a platinum setting. I don't really care as much about carats, seeing as the diamonds are going to be pretty small. But what I don't pay for in carats, I'm willing to pay more for quality. I've been looking at some examples of rings on different websites, and the problem is that, many of their clarity grades are always SI1 and worse. Their clarity hovers around G-H. Have I been looking in the wrong places? Also, would it just be cheaper to purchase a bunch of loose diamonds of quality and take them to a jeweler to have them set? how would i go about finding a reputable jeweler?

if you guys can answer any of the questions, i'd really appreciate it. thanks a bunch in advance.



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In the small carat sizes that will go into your band, typically anywhere from .02 to .10 carat, clarity is a non-factor. SI is perfectly acceptable and there is no way you will see the inclusion(s) in such tiny sizes.


More important is the Color. Go for higher colors such as F-G-H rather than J-K which is the standard color that just about all jewelers use in these eternity bands. This will make all the difference in the world because it's something you and everyone else will see immediately. The cost differential is negligible.

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Thanks alot for your response Barry! That's what I'll try to do. Now the difficult part will be finding a reputable jeweler. I want to buy it online, but I don't know which sites are reputable, and there always seems to be some debate going. Does anyone have any suggestions anyway, based on REAL experience??

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