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color or clarity?


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please help...i am shopping for my own engagement ring and the more research i do on diamonds, the more confused i get...


i am unsure which diamond should i choose as the jeweller is offering me both stones at the same price (approx. USD5,500). It would be great if any of you have any advice/comments.


1. Brilliant cut (Gelees) D, SI2, 1.09carat, vg, vg, medium blue fluorecense - i did notice some inclusion at the bottom with the naked eye. however, the jeweller assured me that it would not be visible after the setting. he also said that si stones can command a better re-sale value should i want to sell/upgrade it in the future. however, this stone was quite 'sparkly'.


2. Cushion cut (Cushere) G, SI1, 1.00 carat (not too sure abt polish & symmetry) - i didn't take a lot of time to thoroughly look at this stone, but the jeweller told me that this stone was undergraded. it is one of the good si1 which can easily be graded as vs2.


both stones come with gia cert. the brilliant cut stone looks much bigger than the cushion stone.


you can view them here http://photos.yahoo.com/puiee7


Which is a better deal?


Or should I opt for a loose GIA stone (G, VS2, Excellent, Excellent for approx. USD6,600, fluo - none) - this stone is from another jeweller and they do not have the pretty setting i like


thanks a lot! :)


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Thanks Jan for your reply.


All the stones above comes with GIA cert.


However, I am unsure which is a better buy, as I like both brilliant and cushion cut. The brilliant cut one does look much bigger compared to the cushion cut, but the SI2 is kind of like bugging me... Which stone would be a better buy? Maybe you can advise me further?


Thanks again. ;)

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