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Can't decide between Bluenile and Uniondiamond.com


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I am about to make a loose stone purchase but can't get over the fact that Bluenile and Uniondiamond are selling the exact same stone. Yes, the GIA certs match up and everything. Literally, the exact same stone.


Something which I am sure is common practice in the industry is something new to me. The only difference is the price by about $500.00. Uniondiamond is selling the exact same loose round stone for roughly $500.00 cheaper than Bluenile.com. With that said I have had plenty of experience with buying from Bluenile before (other pieces of jewelery) and am very happy with them. With such a large expensive purchase I want to make sure I am working with a quality online retailer. I am not familair with Uniondiamond and have no problem buying the diamond from them, I just want to make sure I do this right the first time around. Does anybody know if such practice (two online stores selling the same piece of jewelery) happens a lot? If so, should I just buy from the cheaper store?


Any help would be appreciated! Thanks in advance!



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It's a very common issue. Click on the "find online jeweler" button on this website and you will be able to find multiple vendors selling the same diamond from a virtual inventory. Heck, you may even be able to find your diamond, as offered by UnionDiamond.com and BlueNile, from additional vendors.


As far as pricing, I would definitely factor in your past experiences and your overall comfort with a vendor. Having said that, many online vendors do offer service and goods as good as (and often better than) BlueNile because they can add the personal touch that BlueNile cannot.

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Yes most commonly you will find that the online jewelers in the database all list the same identical stones because none of them own any diamonds or have any in stock. Will they be able to tell you what they look like or if it even matches the lab report? No, not without seeing the stone. This is a common practice on the web to make a facade to look larger than you really are. Do you expect to see diamonds and jewelry when you go into a jewelry store? I bet that you do. If you went into a jewelry store and all they had in there was cases of GIA lab reports what would you think? If you are comfortable putting all your money upfront without seeing the diamond and *guess* that you made the right choice then this would be the route for you to take.


And don't bother going to the online local jeweler link here either. They will just tell you there are no good jewelers in your area and you will be right back at the same 2 that you are considering now.

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Virtual diamond (VD) databases are par for many on-line diamond websites.


Price is certainly one consideration, but clarify other policies as well. For example, what happens if a client wants to upgrade their diamond down the road. Will the on-line site accomodate or do they first have to check with their supplier and see if they will swap out the stone? What if the diamond to be exchanged is a shape, carat size, color, and clarity that is unpopular and a slow seller at the time?

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