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Inherited engagement ring circa 1900


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I have an insurance appraisal on my great aunt's ring from August 1974 that states:


14K Yellow Gold Diamond Ring

Round Brillant Cut Diamond - 20th Century Cut

Measures: 6.55 to 6.7 mm x 4.00 mm estimated

Medium Full Edge - Open Culet

Color Grade: Fine Top Crystal

Perfection Grades: VS1

Weight: 1.14 Cts

14K Yellow old 4-Prong Tiffany Mounting


Value $1,600


What is the value of such a ring today? Where could I sell it?

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1974 was quite a while ago. You need to get it re- appraised. Lots of new info since that stone was appraised. Sounds like an old european cut diamond. Also there is no color grade on the diamnd either which would be needed to appraise it. Go to a professional appraiser.

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When you visit the appraiser, make sure they understand what value you are asking for. Unfortunately, there can be lots of subtleties to the question ‘What is this worth?’ To be useful, the answer must explain what it’s worth, to whom, when, and under what conditions. Otherwise it’s useless. Most appraisal reports will provide a value that they suggest you use for your insurance and that is otherwise quite high. Aside from being bad insurance advice, this is not helpful information if you are looking for assistance in setting a reasonable selling price.


The language used to describe diamonds has changed in the last few decades and 'Fine Top Crystal' is very rarely used. The scale used by most appraisers is from GIA, which will be a single letter from D to Z inclusive.


If you can, try to find an appraiser who does not buy or sell jewelry or diamonds but who sells only information.


Neil Beaty


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