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Russian brilliants or low grade diamond?


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Would I be better off with a H-I color/I1-!2 diamond set that is worth over 4000. (with main stone .5 c and remaining diamonds with a total of almost 2 c.)


Last night I came accross the "russian brilliant" site. It looks appealing. I could have a bigger stone and have a nice set worth about the same as what I paid or less. Its supposedly has good reviews from customers, saying "it looks like a 10000 dollar ring".


Just passsing this thought and hoping to get some ideas, thanks.

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'Russian Brilliants' is a brand of cubic zirconia. It's important to be careful about these kind of names so please check the site you are looking at to make sure we're talking about the same company. They are nicely cut CZ's to be sure but they are definitely not diamond, either natural or synthetic, nor do they claim to be.


CZ's do not hold up to wear anything like as well as diamond and when worn daily, you will find that you need to replace the stone every few years. This particular brand has a pretty good warranty if you're the sort to stay on top of this kind of thing while others will charge for the replacement. Then again, there are other well cut brands that are quite a bit less expensive.


Neil Beaty


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