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Urgent Help needed


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I bought the diamond ring attached below.

It is described as a 0.75ctw center stone colour G-H clarity VS2

and 6 other stones totalling 0.18ctw colour G-H clarity SI1-SI2 round

However the central stone is described as fancy cut. what does this mean and how much is it worth? Thank you very much for your help.


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This looks round to me. I haven't the foggiest why they're calling it a "fancy cut". As Jan points out, "fancy" means any shape other than round. If I may ask, where did you purchase this ring?

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I'm just guessing that you've never actually seen this ring. It's clear that the seller isn't using their terms in the same ways that everyone else is. Have you asked them what they mean? The two pictures you've provided don't look like the same ring to me and the the center stone doesn't look like VS clarity in either one although photographs can be deceptive. I recommend ask them about their usage of that term as well. Who said it's VS?


Get it appraised as soon as it arrives. There's more to this story than it appears.


Neil Beaty


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On the first picture it appears that maybe they have set princess cut diamonds in the channel on one side and round on the other side. I also noticed it says patent pending on the inside of the ring shank. Wonder what they are patenting in this design? 2nd photo looks like the same ring but turned differently. Make sure you get a GIA lab report on the center diamond.

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