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I think I made a bad purchase....


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This is my first time here.


My dh and I went ring shopping the other day and purchased new wedding rings/engagemtent set.

Problem is, I didn't think of asking the "4 c's" as I never had thought about this too much before hand. I figured for the price, it would be atleast acceptable. So today when I tried it on, I noticed a big inclusion in the diamond. THats what got me going and I have been researching all day and sad that I didn't get an acceptable graded ring. I want this to be special.


Anyways can you tell me what you think from what I know about it now?


color: H. I

cut: not sure on, but I believe it is atleast good

clarity: I1-!2


Its princess cut with the center diamond being .5c and it has multi diamonds on each side for a tw of 1.1 . The matching wedding ring is multi diamond with a tw of .70. We paid $4100-4200 for this set and that is CANADIAN price. Do you think I got jipped? My dh phoned the store today and she is bringing in 2 more for us to look at. I'm sure she will bring in the same I1-I2 clarity again and I don't think that is acceptable. Is it wrong for us to try for atleast a S1 c on it? If they can't I think I will get a refund.


Thanks for reading....


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Consider the 5th C, Cut. The better the Cut, the less likely you will be able to pick up inclusions in the diamond.


There are I-1, I-2 clarity graded diamonds that face up totally eye-clean and there are SI-1 diamonds where the inclusions are readily visible. Since you can easily spot these inclusions without a loupe, return the set and keep looking.


I would also recommend that you purchase a diamond that comes with a reputable lab grading report ( GIA or AGS )so you know exactly what you're getting in terms of color and clarity.


Good Luck.

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Thanks for your reply!


If they can get me a new ring with a new center diamond that is "eye clean" appearance, would that atleast be acceptable to the price we had paid? My dh seems to think that we would have had to pay lots more for a better grade than what I thought was already enough in price for what we got. Is it ok that the multi diamonds on the sides are of lesser grade as you can't visible see the flaws on those and they look fine? I think the center stone is the one of most concern.


What would be a fair price for what we are after? Atleast SI1 grade, with H I color and being center stone of .5 with remaining diamonds a total of 1.1 c. We paid $2550 Canadian for this engagement ring. The multi band of a total of .70 c was $1360. But we only received I! grade.


Sorry for so many questions. Whatever you can answer would be appreciated.



UPDATE: SO they won't give me the SI1 grade :(. They said it would cost 900 more just to upgrade the .5 center diamond from a I1-!2 to a SI1. Alos, they would make me go down in carat size to about 46-49. Is that appropriate? So all the rest of my set would be only !2 and they would only fix the center one for more cost. I told my dh to forget it. I will have it returned. I hope I'm doing the right thing.

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