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Is this an ideal cut diamond?


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In May I bought a diamond that was sold as a .91 carat, I color, I clarity, Ideal cut. I paid $3150.00 for it and it was supposed to have a certificate. After I bought it, they said that they made a mistake and there was no certificate. They offered to send it away to get it certified, which they did.


It came back from the EGL-USA as follows:

.90 ct

Meas 6.16-6.10 x 3.86 mm

Depth 63.0%

Table 56%

Crown 14.8%

Pavilion 44.2%

Girdle Medium to thick faceted

Culet None

Polish: Good

Symmetry: Good

Clarity Grade SI2

Color Grade E

Fluorescence: none


Of course I was pleased at the much better color and the slightly better clarity, but my first concern is the cut, and I don't think it falls in the ideal range.


I'm not sure what to do now. Do you think I got a good diamond for $3150? I'm not sure I'm pleased with anything less than an ideal cut. What grade of cut do you think this would be?


Thanks for any thoughts.

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Cut grading diamonds is a bit of an artform and it requires more information than is available on an EGL report. What you've given is unlikely to meet the classic definition of 'ideal' as laid down by AGS although there are other definitions from other sources that it might fit. This word is not always used as precicely as it should be.


It's a tad unusual for a dealer to get the weight wrong as well as missing the color by 4 grades. Are you sure this is the same stone?


To really find the cut grade, seek out an independent appraiser to assist. Where are you, perhaps we can direct you to one in your neighborhood?


Neil Beaty


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I've wondered if it is the same stone too. What I am thinking is that maybe the stone was mixed up before the sale. It always looked white to me. It is a reputable dealer, and also a client of our business office. I don't think anything was being done that was dishonest, but I do think a mistake was made somewhere.


Supposedly all of the loose diamonds in this particular case were ideal cut, so I chose from those. I'm thinking that maybe the seller picked up the wrong description and because it was basically the same size stone, he thought it went with this diamond. That is why he thought there was a certificate, because maybe the stone that was described had one. This is all just a guess that seems to explain the situation.


I wasn't too concerned about the weight difference because I know that EGL rounds down unless it is a 9 (like if it were .909 it would be a .91 but if it were a .908, it would be a .90.


At this point, I guess I'm just trying to convince myself that I got a good deal for my money. I live in Central Valley California.

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It's true that rounding can account for the difference in weight. I point that one out only because most diamond dealers have fairly good scales and it's relatively easy to be accurate.


Central Valley is far from me and I don't know who is out there but there may be other readers here from that region. There are several online directories that list appraisers and allow you to search by town or zip code. Try:


International Society of Appraisers

National Association of Jewelry Appraisers

American Gem Society

American Society of Appraisers


If it's properly graded for color and clarity and if you are satisfied with the cut, the price you paid is reasonable. The cut is not what most people would call ideal but it's your vote that counts. Do you love it?


Neil Beaty


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I really appreciate your comments. I think you gave good advice.


Do I love it? I'm not sure. But I wonder if I'd be happy with anything less than "perfect." I think I need to be satisfied with what I have, and thankful.


Thanks so much for your help!

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