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Diamond Color Grading

Confused on Color

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I've done quite a bit of research regarding diamond color grading. Based on my research, I have discovered variances in the GIA grading descriptions for the G - J (near colorless) grades.


Some websites call for a slight noticeable tint in the body but "face up white", while others say there should be NO noticeable color in the body to the untrained eye. Which of these is correct? A loose diamond I am considering does have a slight tint (brownish-pink) but the jeweler suggests it would grade at least an "I" and maybe even an "H". Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! Also, the jeweler claims such a tint is pretty rare as most stones are tinted yellow!


Confused on Color

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Color is graded by comparing the stone to others of known color under controlled lighting conditions. Even with that it takes a fair amount of practice to get good at it and the experts disagree about the conclusions. . Terms like 'slight tint' and 'face up white' simply don't apply. It's correct that yellow is a more common color than brown but the hue is not a component in GIA color grading.


Neil Beaty


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