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I have negotiated the purchase of a ring and weeding band from a jeweller that only sells on ebay. Im a little wary of buying something like this on ebay but to this stores credit 99.5% of their feedback is positive. The two items that are listed below I can get for $1200 US plus shipping. Should I just pull the trigger or is there more questions I should ask.


1.6 ct Princess Cut Diamond Ring With a Center stone of .6ct, I-J, VS2-SI1

Item number: 5003771419





.85 ct Princess cut Band Colour G , VS2

Item number: 5004984453



Please help I have limited money and this will be my first purchase of a diamond.


Thanks for any help,



PS if the links dont work go to www.ebay.com and put the item number in the search box.

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Please be aware that you are bidding on 1.60 TOTAL CARAT WEIGHT, not on the individual center stone. I looked at one of the links and the center stone was 0.60 ct, and the side stones were 0.5ct each.


Before you bid, you should read the tutorials on this website to understand that there is a huge difference in value and price between a single 1.60CT diamond (which can go for $8K-$10K) compared to a bunch of little diamonds totaling 1.60CT in weight.


It is my very humble opinion that a dedicated diamond jeweler, be it online or offline, will give you more transparency, more value, and an overall "cleaner" purchase than any dealer on EBay. You should call on some of the folks that frequent this board - Jan of Diamond Brokers of Florida, Barry of Excel Diamonds, etc., to help you out.


Good luck!

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Be aware that you are going by the sellers description of the jewelry only. There are no indpendent laboratory reports such as GIA. You can't see the item under magnification before you purchase it. You wouldn't know if the total weight is right unless the stones were taken out and weighed. I

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Thanks for the replies.


As for the feedback, everyone seems to be saying good things about them. I also realize its probably customers like myself with little knowledge regarding quality, etc. So I guess I shouldnt put to much faith in the reviews. Im just having a hard time justifying spending any more then $2000 CAD on a ring. I know my GF will like whatever I pick out but I just cant afford a higher quality ring/stone. As you can tell im pretty torn on quality vs. price. I would love a expensive high quality diamond ring but im thinking this ebay ring might be the best I can do.


As for the return policy it is 5 days, is that enough time to have it appraised to see if everything is as advertised?? Because if its not as advertised they will take it back no matter what, so the site says.


Lastly, should I assume that the diamonds used in this ring would be a poor cut even if the clairty/colour is correct as advertised???




I hate major decisions.


Thanks again for all your help.

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Quoting from their terms and conditions:


"standard 5 day refund guarantee minus shipping/labor costs"

"Please note there is a 15% standard restocking fee for returned items".


In the most recent 100 feedbacks, I count 30 that I would describe as at least moderately disparaging.


5 days is usually enough if you know the shipping date but if you are planning on having it professionally appraised, be aware that some appraisers are quite busy and they schedule their appointments farther out than that. I recommend that you schedule your appointment as soon as you know the shipping date.


Neil Beaty


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