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Price for 1.5 Carat


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Hi guys,


I'm going through the process of evaluating diamonds (for engagement ring), and I've been reading through all these posts (very informative!!), and was wondering if someone could tell me what they thought of this diamond I found:



Diamond: 1.52 - VS(1) G

Polish: Ideal

Symm: Ideal

Proportions: Ideal

Dimensions: 7.47-7.48x4.59mm

Cut grade: Ideal 0

Table: 55%

Crown angle: 34.7(degrees)

Crown height: 15.7%

Pavilion Depth: 43.6%

Girdle: ?

Total Depth: 61.4%

Price: 23k - this is including tax, mounting-$625, and band-$625 (simply tiffany's style platinum ring)

Retailer: Baileys Bank Biddle


I believe it goes by AGS, and the inclusion described is a "tiny diamond" towards the top center of the stone. I looked it at through the microscope, and the diamond looks great (well from my extremely limited experience...I saw what an SI(2) looked like under the 'scope)!


What do you guys think? Is this diamond a nice deal at this price? Am I being overcharged or given a decent deal? One thing of note is that the guy let me know that he couldn't negotiate the price any further (the diamond itself was 23k originally, but I was given a $3500 discount), and that this price is unfortunately the final price that his manager will allow.


From your experiences, is the negotiation final? Can I wiggle the price down a bit more? Is this diamond even worth it at this price level?


ANY help from you guys would be GREATLY appreciated!!!! Thanks in advance!! :)

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Near the top right hand corner of this page is a link titled ‘find online jeweler’. This leads to a pricing grid where you can look up stones similar to the one you are considering that are being offered by a variety of dealers that choose to advertise here. Even if you don’t want to shop with an online dealer, these will give you a pretty good idea what the various stones are going for in a highly competitive market. If you keep everything the same and change one option, you can also get a pretty good feel for what changing each of the various attributes will do to the price. Most storefront shops are a bit more expensive because of the convenience, security and other things they may be adding to the deal but this will give you a good basis to decide how much you are paying for those value-added attributes.


Interestingly, the stone you describe does not meet the historic definition of an AGS ideal cut (pavilion depth >43.5%) although within the last few months they have changed their rules to include some stones that previously would have been exempted. This is a definite improvement in the system but the new rules are considerably more complicated and require a fair amount more information and it raises my curiosity about your use of the word ‘ideal’. Does this stone have an AGS report that uses this word? What’s the date on the report?


Neil Beaty


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