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Diamond Color & Clarity


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My boyfriend and I are ready to take the next step and we're starting to look at diamonds but I'm not sure as to what color and clarity we should opt for given our budget of 7,000, which includes the cost of the setting. I would be happy to find a medium between color and clarity with out compromising one or the other. I would appreciate any advise.

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Make Cut your top priority. The better the cut of the diamond the 'whiter' and 'cleaner' it will face-up. This will allow you to max out by getting a larger stone without sacrificing the look.

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Get a feel for what kind of mounting you would like so that you know how much of your budget is available for the center diamond. Mountings can range from $75 to several thousand depending on design, manufacturer and materials involved. This may also affect your decision about the shape of the stone you are seeking. The end result that you are shopping for is a ring, not just a diamond. After you narrow it down to general shape (round, princess, heart or whatever) and you've got a budget for the center stone you will find it a little easier to pick a particular stone from the zillions that are available. Don't actually buy the mounting until you've chosen your diamond and know the exact details of the one you've selected. Not all diamonds will work well in all settiings.


Neil Beaty


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