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Help on Round Brillian Cut


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Hi everyone,

I am looking at purchasing a diamond of 1.35 carats E / VS2

Proportions: 7.12-7.15 x 4.39mm

Depth 61.5%

Table 56%

Girdle: Very thin to thin, faceted

Cutlet: None

Symmetry: excellent

Proportions: excellent


There are two small clouds in the middle and a feather on the side. I cannot detect any of the imperfections myself, but the vendor with a loupe could find them. Curious as to what price this type of diamond should be going for? I realize prices just went up again last week.



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I'm not in the industry (just an avid consumer here) but I just helped a friend buy a diamond very similar to what you propose. I would venture a guess of around $12K if it looks good (clean, good light return, the rest). You can probably do a little better if you buy it online.

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Hi Dilbert:


Here's a great way to get an idea of pricing: go to the "find online jeweler" section of this forum and enter your info. You will get a listing of actual diamonds currently on the market (as well as which jeweler carries them) but the main thing you'll get is a price. Keep in mind because these are online jewelers, the prices may be slightly less than an actual store, but not by much. (IMO)


When I entered your parameters in I got this page:



Good luck!


Princess Tess


PS: Hi everyone I'm baaaaack. Just in case you thought you were rid of me for good, haha. :blink:

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