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Eternity- is the reduction too good to be true ?


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Hi guys


I have been looking for a while and have today spotted what looks like an excellent deal but I can't be sure ! It is an eternity ring with alternating emerald cut and normal round cut diamonds, fairly small, in platinum. The assistant noted down the values for me, 1.07ct and 0.47 ct, although I am not sure what this means exactly. The original price was apparently £9,150 and it has been reduced to £2,287.50. Two stones will have to be removed to resize it for me and I will turn those into a pendant etc.


Anyway, I've read up on the 4 Cs but this doesn't necessarily help when these are a collection of smaller diamonds. I have read that one big one is worth more than a collection of small stones. Is it likely that the ring could actually have been worth over £9,000 and has been so substantially reduced ? What questions should I ask ? I asked why and it is "the end of its line" etc.


Many thanks !



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If you are concerned that the piece is appropriately priced, seek out a professional appraisal. Find an appraiser who is working for you, not for the seller and then ask them about your concerns. You’re quite correct that a single large diamond is worth quite a bit more than a collection of smaller stones. There are quite a few additional variables that go into this kind of item and there is no reasonable way to give you a value without seeing the piece. The numbers you were given are probably the total weights of the two various cuts of stones. 1.07 is probably the emerald cuts and 0.47 is probably the rounds.


GBP9,150 seems awfully high but then they aren’t actually selling it for this price so it doesn’t really matter. All they had to do is write it on a price tag and they have an automatic discount. Would it be a better value if they had written GBP12,000 on that tag? The price on the tag means nothing and you should ignore it. Pay attention to the merits of the piece and the deal at hand.


Neil Beaty


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