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need help w/ diamond purchase


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i'm completey new to this and i was wondering if i could get some sound advice from experienced persons.


for about 5 months, on & off, i've been looking for a stone. i finally found one that i thought i would purchase, but as usual i can't pull the trigger...it seems as if i'm thinking too hard about the details of the stone. i always look at all the specs, should i?


the stone's details are the following:

1.71, D, VS1, moderate blue fluorescence, girdle - slightly thick to medium faceted, depth - 66.3%, table - 55%, pavillion depth - 45%, polish - VG, symmetry - VG and i believe the crown is 16% (dunno for sure) ....all for 15K


looking for opinions please




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66% depth is awfully deep which results in a smaller diamond in relation to it's carat weight. You're paying more and getting less. As a very general rule stay with depth percentages under 63%.

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Not a good choice. With the 66% depth this stone will probably look much smaller than most stones that are 1 3/4 ct. Have you been looking at any diamonds in person, or just looking at paper. It's hard to get a handle on what makes a beautiful stone without seeing it. It would be like try to buy a house blindfolded.

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Thanks. Actually, yes....I have been viewing stones with a diamond broker. I saw that one against a 1.73 F VS1 and it did seem a bit smaller (although it was, i'm sure it wasn't supposed to look THAT much smaller). I guess I'll have to go back to the drawing board.


Again, thanks

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