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PLEASE HELP!!! First time love with a diamond


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hi everybody,


i am totally new to this site and to diamond buying in general. i REALLY need your feedback, and thanks for your advice ahead of time!

trouble is, that at 35, after over 5 years of marriage and two toddlers, i accidentally fell head over heels in love. good news: it is not another man. bad news: it is a diamond ring with a very hefty price tag.

therefore here i am at nearly 11pm writing to you all, desperate for some advice after 3 days of non-stop internet research, as i realize that while things do sound good to me, it takes an expert to know...

before i give you the specifics, i just would like to say that i LOOOOOOOVE the way this ring looks on my finger -- and science and %s put aside, i know that it is the biggest chunk of why i would like to get this ring. but if you tell me that i can get the same thing for quite a bit less, or i should compromise a bit here and there so i can get something similar without spending my husband's 3 month's salary on this, please speak out! thanks a million!

ok, so this is an estate ring, which is not something that i value highly, except that the platinum band and the prongs are very simple, but very delicate, therefore you only see the diamonds on my finger and not the setting. the ring comes with an EGL certificate. there are 3 stones.

THE CENTER STONE: cushion cut, 2.03 carat, color E, clarity SI1, with small inclusions at 1 o'clock, and 8 o'clock (nearly at the very edge of the stone), fluorescence none, graining nil, polish and symm are good, and culet is medium. so far so good, right? the measurements of this stone: 6.85-6.78 x 4.99mm, which as i calculated gives 1.01 depth/width ratio. not excellent, but from what i found, very good. here is where i got stuck: the total depth is 73.6% which is i know a lot. the table width is 63%, crown height 15%, pavilion depth 42%. the girdle is thick and faceted. (from what i digged out the little bit of good news is that they say with a thick girdle the depth should be more...) but would most of the light be necessarily lost? or is it possible as it is a fancy cut that it's still a beauty and not just to my untrained eye? (should i ask a friend of a friend who deals with diamonds to come and take a look at it? i guess that would definitely be a good idea, right?)

THE 2 SIDE STONES: 0.53 half-moon shaped, sitting right next to the center stone, i believe at the same level, slanted a bit of course as the ring curves down. again, this could very well be a modern ring, as the desing is very clear and crisp, but with the delicate prongs that you do not usually see on modern rings.

THE PRICE: it is currently at $22,800, which again, is quite a strech for us now, me being a stay home mom, and with my(suddenly former)self thinking that this kind of money could feed a village in africa for years, therefore it's so entirely wrong for me to spend it on a ring. even if it happens to be a gorgeous one that makes my heart beat so fast when i look at it. (i'm a very down-to-earth person, no designer stuff, simple but stylish taste i would say)

again, a bit of a good news. :blink: the lady selling all kinds of fancy vintage and estate jewelry it is a very very nice dutch woman, who after 30 min. of our euro-background talk said: "i'm not a greedy person, and i can tell you love it, so i'm willing to work with you on the price. there is not much premium in it for me even as it is, but if you worked of your guilt and you decide on it, i will pretty much sell it to you for how much i got it -- i make enough on my other sales." how often do you get that?!


ok, so if you got this far with the reading, you are a real trooper, and i hope you understand my desperate state. please give me your honest opinion, heart-ache or not, i will VERY MUCH appreciate it. thanks again!!!!



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The price sounds ballpark, keeping in mind that 2ct/E/SI1 stones can sell anywhere between $14K to $24K, all depending on the cut.


The fact that you love the way it looks on your finger says a lot. Makes me want to tell you to jump on it and buy it!


On the other hand, it sounds like $22K is a lot of money for you... and especially with your husband being the one to earn a living for you plus your 2 children... I'd have a heart-to-heart discussion with him about dropping this kind of money. Remember that you are a buy a luxury with no utility value whatsoever (a house, you can live in. a car gets you around. a piece of jewelry does not have any comparable utility).

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Why not get a ring like that but a tiny bit smaller. For instance you could get a GIA 1.25 ct. VVS2 F EX EX modern cushion cut set with half moon side stones in platinum for probably in the neighborhood of $13,000 and have a similar look but with a better quality center stone. Just a thought. You would get a smiliar look to this picture but with the cushion center instead of an oval.


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thank you so much for your replies!

the truth is that i was not even searching for a diamond ring at all. i just saw this and fell for it at the place where i took my husband's cartier watch to be serviced. as crazy as i was about it -- which by now seems a bit silly -- of course i knew i'm not going to buy it at the drop of a hat, as it is a significant amount of money to us. but as i did feel so taken by it, i'm glad that you gave me some good feedbacks, had a jeweler friend look at the egl certificate to make sure it was not a rip-off, and what i was happiest about is that when i went back to the place with my husband this saturday, i just did not feel about the ring with nearly the same intensity. so i guess my quick flame with diamond rings is over, or at least hopefully a few years will pass before i fall in love with another ring again -- as i'm not normally looking at jewelry at all.

again, thanks for your input and i'm very glad that this "love affair" is over.



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