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Is this stone a good buy for the $?


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I've narrowed down my search for "THE ROCK" and hope you will comment on a stone that I'm pretty interested in:


Ideal Cut, H, VS1, .90 carat, no flourescence, GIA report, Polish EX, Symmetry VG


Sarin Report


Weight: .90 carat

Diameter: 6.24 (6.22-6.26) {.7%}

Total Depth: %61.1 3.81 mm

Crown Angle: %34.9 (34.6-35.3) 0

Crown Height: %14.4 (14.1-14.9)

Pavil Angle: 41.0 (40.9-41.2)

Pavil Depth: %43.4 (42.8-44.1) 0

Culet: %.7 v.small 0

Table size: %56.8 (56.5-57.0) 0

Girdle thickness: 2.1% sl. thick (1.4-2.7) 0

Proportion: 0

Crown & Pavillion Graph: Table .4%, culet .5% "offcenter?"


I know that I'll need to check out the stone in person, but do you think the stats warrant a closer look?


Price is about $4,200. If you would let me know what you think, I'd be very grateful since I'm no expert. Thanks!!

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