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A Russian diamond is simply a diamond that was mined and most probably cut in Russia.


The difference between a real diamond and a lab created one is that the real diamond is made by God and the lab created ones are created in a lab just like the name. The real ones are more rare.

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So...I'm looking on ebay at engagement rings.

I'm safe I'm sure to assume that the Russian ones are not a good thing to buy then?


What, don't you like Russia?


I think that Russian diamonds are as bad as Russian Vodca


I am not an Expert!!!!







on diamonds or Vodca :blink:

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Read the advertisment carefuly. There is a vendor on ebay who is selling Russian made simulants. This means a material that looks sort of like a diamond but is really something else - cubic zirconia. It's great stuff if that's what you're expecting but don't be fooled into thinking that they are synthetic diamonds and you shouldn't neet to pay anything like diamond prices.


The fine print in the advertisement is important. Read it.


Neil Beaty


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