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I'm thinking smaller but better quality...


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I've been reading up on the posts here and I'm finding them very helpfull.


I've been looking around for about one month (online sites only) and am looking to get the most brilliant, classy diamond and setting for my buck. My budget is around 5 K and for a while I was considering stretching for a 1.00 carat, very good cut, I-J, SI1. I have recently been looking for a slightly smaller, better quality stone. One that has really caught my eye is a .90 carat, "Ideal" cut (61.8%/57%), H, VS1 for around 4,200. I'm pretty sure she'd prefer a simple, classy setting so I'll probably go with a solitaire without additional diamonds (I'm concerned that additional diamonds might detract from the single stone and she's not a fan of real flashy jewelry anyway). Any thoughts? Setting wise, I would really prefer a setting that shelters the diamond a bit more than the Tiffany type ones I am seeing...I like the overall look of a trellis setting but I'm not totally impressed with the ones I've found - the quality looks cheap, even with the platinum.


So I guess my questions are: Will I get better brilliance (and better overall "look") from the smaller but better quality stone? I know that you often say that I'd have to see the stone first and judge for myself but I really don't want to buy a loose stone and try to examine it myself and then send it back to be placed in a setting. Besides, with no other stones to compare it to, how would I know if the overall brilliance is great or just good? Will the .90 "look" like a 1.00 carat to someone who doesn't know? Carat weight isn't a huge deal but I don't want it to look tiny (classic guy issue, I know). And finally, what setting could give the stone some security while still providing a classy look (I want the setting to be White Gold or Platinum BTW) Sorry for the huge post, your thoughts are appreciated!





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