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Maximum brilliance?


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I have been told that a radiant stone cut to the following proportions would be an "ideal" cut and give the best light return. I havent been able to confirm this and I was hoping I could get a second opinion.


Table %: 53 - 65

Total Depth: 56 – 65

Crown Angle: 32 – 35 Degrees

Crown Height: 11.2 – 16.2

Pavilion Angle: 43.3 – 46.8 Degrees

Pavilion Depth: 47.1 – 53.1



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Ideal is a term that doesn't really apply to radiant cuts. The proportions you describe may be a lovely stone and may not. Radiants can be tricky because because there are so many additional variables. Unfortunately, it's not as simple as attaching a single word to describe the cutting. Have you seen the stone that you are considering? Have you seen other radiant cuts? How does it compare?


Neil Beaty


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It's impossible to tell how brilliant a diamond is by measuring extrernal measurments. If you want to know how brilliant the diamond is, you will have to *see* it. There are some instruements out there that can measures this as well. You can check out www.gemex.com.

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"Numbers" are not predictive of light performance. "See it live or if shopping on the Net, make use of technologies that measure light performance and allow you to "see" the diamond, such as Gemex's Brilliancescope Analyzer (www.gemex.com).

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