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Looking to buy and clueless


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Hello folks,

From what I've read, you all seem to know what you are talking about. I've been packing away some salary, and I would like to get an engagement ring for my sweetheart. Problem is, the packed away salary isn't a whole lot, and she hasn't give me much to work with. Here it is:

Budget: $2,000 to 2,500 (ish)

Band: White gold

Round Cut


I guess that I am just wondering what the specs would be for a respectable diamond at that price. She probably wouldn't care, but I do.


Thanks folks.

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Since the setting is fairly simple, I would go with an Internet jeweler.


I would look for a diamond with a minimum clarity rating of SI1, a minimum color rating of H, a fairly high quality cut, and then let your budget dictate the carat weight.


For $2K you should be able to find something at around 3/4ct which makes for a very nice engagement ring!


There is an excellent tool on this site to help you find the diamond. Click on "Find online jeweler" and go from there.


Good luck!

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This tool may give you diamonds in that price range, however you won't get to *see* how bright or pretty the diamond is. You may find a dud or a really nice one. Why don't you check out your local jeweler and ask them what they have in that price range to see and then go from there.

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