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Emerald or Marquise?


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I am starting my research on purchasing an engagement ring for my girlfriend. I really like the emerald and marquise diamonds. I am looking to spend around $5000 for the diamond. What is the most important of the 4C's? I have read that the cut is the most important. Is the clarity really important, I am looking in the VS-S1 range. Is there really a big difference in the fire of the diamond, or mainly just a difference under the microscope? What about color, if I get a J diamond, I will be able to buy a much larger, better clarity diamond. Will I be able to tell a big difference, if the diamond is set in a platinum setting? From what I found online, I have seen 1.3-1.4 ct. diamonds, in the VS range and J color for about 5000. Would I be best with a diamond like this, or would it be better to get a better color. I was told emerald cut diamonds are about 10% cheaper than the brialliant marquise diamond, is this true? What does everyone recommend? What is the best online store, bluenile, dirtcheap, union, or any of the other ones. Thank you very much.

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Whoa that is alot of questions....


1. cut is most important meaning cut grade not shape.

2. The clarity isn't what makes the fire difference, that would be the cut grade again.

3. J colors are very nice and can be set in platinum still and are in the near colorless range, but it also depend on how sensitive your eyes are to color. Some people claim that they can see a big difference between D-F color and others don't notice much until under J color.

4. The color depends also on how well a stone is cut. If a stone is well cut, it will mask color too.

5.The emerald cut and marquise cut are very different types of cut. You may want to go view some so you can tell what type of look you like best.

6. Go with an online seller if you prefer to buy sight unseen, but at least look for one that actually *sees* the diamond before they ship it to you. Many sites like that ones that you listed never see the diamond that is shipped to you. They would have a hard time giving you advice on the *look* of the diamond since they don't see it either.

You may actually prefer to go and look at diamonds locally so you can see some before you pay up front. Be upfront with your local jeweler and tell them that you are looking to purchase on the internet to save some money. I think they will be able to accomodate you along with giving you the service of setting the stone in a mounting for you too.

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Thanks for the reply Jan. I went to a jewelers near my home yesterday, and they tried all the normal selling points. They had 2 nice emerald diamonds, but they were not as nice as what I have seen on line. They tried giving me 800 off of the price on the diamond (3800) originally, telling me what a great deal it was, and they would buy it for that price, etc. However, due to the knowledge I have gained on the internet, such as this forum, I know it wasn't nearly as good as online prices. EGL certificate, they never showed me the certificate, or let me see the diamond under the microscope. It was a .86 G VS2, but I was turned off when they didn't show me anything, but the diamond. I really do like the emerald shape, with a setting with baguettes. Anyways, just wanted to tell you of my experience.

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When you say that they showed you a diamond and you *saw* nicer ones online are you talking about paper and numbers or actually seeing the diamond itself? Many online retailers try to get to you buy sight unseen. If you didn't like what the first local jeweler showed you, try another. Look for an independent jeweler, they usually have the nicer stones with the GIA lab reports. Tell them what you've seen online and give them an idea of what you are looking for. You may be surprised how nice of a diamond you can get, with all the service and warranties etc, without paying upfront to see the stone.

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