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Asscher Cut


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I've heard of the Asscher Cut diamonds from a few friends, but I've never actually seen any. Can you please tell me what they are and why they're so much more expensive?


What are your thoughts about this cut?


Will they stand the test of time, or are they more of a fad, and do you think they are worth the extra cost?


Are there any different proportions to take into consideration when looking at these stones?


And lastly, if I was looking for a stone to use in a ring and wanted to spend about $2500, what could I expect?


Thanks :)

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Asscher cuts have already stood the test of time. Until the last few years the way you could get one was to puchase it at auction. The Asscher family of Amsterdam is the originator of this shape. Since their patent ran out, they have now come out with the Royal Asscher diamond which has an additional 16 facets on the bottom of the diamond. They also cut the largest diamond in the world and the crown jewels as well.


Asscher diamonds shouldn't be confused with square emerald cuts because they have larger cut corners and are more octagonal in shape. I'll post a picture of a Royal Asscher diamond to give you an idea of what it looks like. These beautiful diamonds display alot of colored light flashing from the stones. :)


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