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Emerald cut question


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I'd like to get an emerald cut diamond ring and a matching band for my wife on our 10th wedding anniversary. As far as the 4Cs, what is the most important feature I should look for? What is your suggestion as far as carat size? I was told that you need to go "big" to make it stand out especially on a matching band. I'm clueless, and I really need some help to give the best to my wife as my appreciation to this amazing woman.


Thank you for your help

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On an emerald cut I would say the overall outline of the diamond is very important and a well cut diamond so it doesn't look dark and dreary.


The size would depend on her finger size. A carat or a little over could be a very nice size.


Here is a beautiful one that we have in the 1.39 ct. range to give you an idea of what a well cut emerald cut diamond looks like.


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