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certified and uncertified diamonds


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Certified means that a gemological laboratory such as AGS or GIA has inspected the diamond and has issued a certificate (called a "cert") that describes that particular diamond using gemological terms (namely, the 4 C's). This information helps you assess the authenticity and the approximate value of the diamond.


When you buy a certified diamond, you also receive the laminated certificate with your purchase.

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Ben is right on but let me make one little clarification. If you ask GIA or AGS if they issue "certifications" or "certificates" on diamonds they will be quick to point out that they DO NOT CERTIFY ANYTHING. What they do is issue "Diamond Grading Reports" stating their opinion on the features they grade on a diamond. I think there is some legality in using the word "certificate" or "certify" that they want to avoid probably because there is a certain degree of subjectivity when it comes to diamond grading. :)

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Yes GIA and AGS do not certify anything or anyone, and that is why we call them lab reports not certificates. Also they are not appraisals either. You will notice there is not a price for insurance purposes on them. They basically just grade the diamonds.

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