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Both are regarded as the "elite" of the grading lab world and this is what they are.


I could see arguments for a AGS certificate but they rest more on the information found in the actual report than due to any discrepency between these two labs.


They are the same quality.


The only thing I personally like about the AGS reports is they give me more info as to the diamond's dimensions which can help determine how "Ideal cut" it is without having someone else check it out etc.

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I think you would be safe with either one provided a Gemologist looks at the lab report and stone with you and tells you about the cut grade. In fact on the GIA lab reports it says:

"The recipient of this Report may wish to consult a credentialed Jewelr or

Gemologist about the importance and interelationship of cut, color, clarity and carat weight."

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Word is that GIA will be announcing more information about their new Cut Grade system for round brilliants next week at the industry JCK show in Vegas.

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Both GIA and AGS will be unveiling their new Cut Grades for round brilliant diamonds.


AGS has used 3-D modeling and ray tracing whereas GIA has in addition to their computer modeling culled over 70,000 visual observations from both tradespeople and consumers across a spectrum of different Cut combinations.


GIA's factoring and including human observations and choices insures that Cut combinations that fall outside a "numbered" Ideal-Cut definition will be seen as attractive and thus allow consumers more choices.

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