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Engagement ring setting

Guest clyde007

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Guest clyde007

I have recently read the books "Diamond Ring Buying Guide: How to Evaluate, Identify and Select Diamonds & Diamond Jewelry (6th Edition)" and "How To Buy A Diamond: Insider Secrets For Getting Your Money's Worth, 5th Edition ".


I must say the that these were very infomative books and I have learned a ton. I have finally found the perfect diamond that I was looking for. It is a .92, H, SI1, Ideal cut diamond. All of the specs are within the ranges of what the books suggested so it is very sparkly.


I am now in the need of find the perfect setting and am lost. My girlfriend said she like her sisters ring. It is a 3 stone round setting with a smaller center stone than what I have picked out. She likes it because it is sparkly. I looked at doing that with the diamond that I have found but it seems like the 2 other stones take away the brilliance that the center stone provides. I did find a setting with 1/2 ctw. Asscher diamond along the sides. There is also the same ring but with 1/2 ctw round diamonds along the sides.


Can you mix diamond cuts like with my center round and Asscher accents?


Sorry this was long. Thanks for listening!

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