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how to tell a real diamond


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Taking them to an appraiser is probably overkill if all you want to know is whether they are real.


Take them to any neighborhood jeweler that specializes in diamonds. Most of these folks walk around with a conductivity tester in their pocket that can instantly tell whether a diamond is real with a fairly high degree of confidence. Most will gladly check your diamonds at no charge, and discuss your options in terms of mounting them, etc.

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Yes, I've noticed that there are certain questions that keep coming up. The culprits usually are:


1. What is the best certification lab?

2. How do I tell a real diamond from a fake?

3. How do I sell my jewelry?

4. How much is my diamond worth?


I'm thinking about the problem and considering setting up a "Best Of / FAQ" section that includes thorough answers to these issues.

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