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Gonna buy a ring!


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So I've been reading up and checking out diamonds so that I can buy an engagement ring for my girl. I guess I've been stuck on looking at 1 ct solitare's and would like some advise.


For instance, I've been looking at some princess cuts, if the depth% is lower, won't the diamont actually look larger when looking from the topside?


I want to buy a really nice ring, but don't want to go overboard. I want a ring that if she were to take it into a shop to be cleaned, they would say she had a great diamond, but don't want to go overboard in price. Any suggestions on ranges for the 4 c's? Ideal / Premium cut, E or F in color, VVS2 or VVS1 in clarity.


Suggestions would be great.



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The first thing anyone replying to this thread will ask you is your budget as that's very important.


You also don't mention any preference to the size of stone.


Quality is defined in many ways depending on who you ask but in my opinion the fine quality is something like a VVS clarity grade (1 or 2) and a D-F color.


And you should be looking at Ideal Cut, so without going into crown/pavilion angles just yet look for diamonds that have a depth in the range of 60-62% and a table of 55-57%.


Also look for none or pointed culet, a thin to medium or medium girdle, at most faint fluorescence (especially since you'll be looking at E-F color diamond's no doubt), and look for at least VG symmetry/polish.


Bare in mind that GIA defines the best symmetry/polish in their reports as EX whereas AGS calls it Ideal.


I would only look at GIA or AGS certificated diamonds.

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The information above is more for a round diamond than a princess cut diamond. Fancy shapes are difficult to purchase by the numbers only. It is best to see the diamonds or if you are considering purchasing online, use someone that actually sees the diamonds as well and can take a picture of it for you as well as show you just how the diamond performs as far as light return to the eye.


Also look for a place that has an inspection period and a reasonable return period.

An upgrade policy in the future won't hurt either. Best if you get the diamond and setting all in one place as well.

As far as color and clarity go, look for eye clean, SI1 or above and white color. I color and above should be fine. Make sure you get a GIA lab report as well.

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You really need to ask yourself are you wanting to maximize the dollars spent via the diamond's size of its quality (color/clarity)???


If the former then you want to be looking at something like a VS2/SI1 clarity and H-I for the color. If however the latter then something like a VVS2/F and then size up as much as you can or want to.


Naturally always try to get the best cut even if that means you getting a slightly smaller diamond, your eyes will appreciate it.


As you have a $5000 budget first go and check out what setting you want and its price, this way you'll know exactly how much of this money you can use to buy the diamond.

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Princess cuts and emerald cuts are two entirely different looks. You would probably need to go and *see* some diamonds in person to see which shape that you prefer. You should be able to get a nice color and clarity in either of these two shapes. For instance we have a gorgeous 1.00 ct. princess that is VS1 H that is under that budget area.


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