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Fair Pricing for a Hearts and Arrows??


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I was hoping someone could let me know if I'm getting a fair price for a Hearts & Arrows diamond. As I've learned, there are many jewelers who call H&A "gimmicky" and others who swear by the cut and say that cut is of the utmost importance.


My parents have a trusted source (she'd even buy back the stone) in NYC that has been consistently fair.


Here's what she's got:


Round Brilliant

Hearts & Arrows -laser inscribed by GIA (which I know means nothing)

Weight: 1.74 carat

Color: H

Clarity: VVS1

Depth: 60.6%

Table: 56%

7.81-7.83 x 4.74mm

Girdle: Thin-Medium Faceted

Polish: Ex

Symmetry: Ex

Fluor.: Medium Blue

Cutlet: None


She offerred it to me for $13,500.


Many of the "H&A Disbelievers" say it's only 12.5% below Rap price which is fair at best while all the "H&A Advocates" tell me to expect to pay close to Rap price for an ideal cut stone. I have to say that due to the Fluorescence it looked pretty similar to an E stone's color in the natural store light (and I was easily able to tell the difference between an E and H at Tiffanys).


Please help me out with pricing and whether Hearts & Arrows is truly a collector's stone?



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I agree with your statement that cut is of the utmost importance.


H&A is a wonderful clue that a stone has superb symmetry and they are nearlly always well cut. That said, they are most decidedly not the ONLY well cut stones.


Rap pricing is mostly irrelevant for this sort of situation It's terribly important to choose a dealer that can sell you what you want and with whom you have a good rapport. 'Consistently fair' is exactly what you're looking for. Have the dealer show you a variety of different stones and see which you like the best. Stones that are cut to maximize light performance do cost more than similarly graded stones that used different cutting approaches. Sometimes it's quite a bit more. For people who like the look, this is important. For others it may not be and they may be better off maximizing other attributes.


By the way, Hearts & Arrows is not something that's not graded by GIA and dealers will sometimes use this term pretty loosely. Who made the H&A determination?


Collectors stone? Nah.


Neil Beaty


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Thanks for your insight.


I'm not quite sure who made the Hearts & Arrows determination but I'll find out. There is a laser enscription saying "H&A" on the stone which is listed in the Additional Comments section of the GIA certificate. I've been in touch with a few other wholesale jewelers local to me who all said that H&A is not determined by the GIA.


The dimensions (other than Crown and Table angles) seem to fit the category and this stone definitely sparkles from across the room.


Based on the parameters, does this sound like a fair price? I would be pushing myself to the top end of my budget. However it is larger than what I've priced to this point.


Thanks again!

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I won't give a price opinion on a stone that I haven't seen and without considering other grading and market related issues.


The Additional Comments section is merely describing the stone. Anyone with a laser can write anything they want on the girdle. I've seen some pretty crazy things on there. This means nothing other than as a fast way to recognize this particular stone.


GIA reports omit quite a bit of important information. Ask the seller for a Sarin report and you should be able to get crown and pavilion information.


Neil Beaty


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