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Did I get ripped off?


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Hi folks. First time here, and first time buyer also. Recently purchased a diamond from a jeweller that my friend knew. She sold me the following GIA certified diamond for $12,300 with a simple Platinum setting. I'm very happy with the diamond and think I got a fair price, but being that its my first real major purchase, I'm naturally suspicous. I've gotten opinions from a couple of other jewellers already (not appraisals, I'm saving that for IGI). Just wondering what you guys thought. Thanks!


Princess Cut

Carat = 1.56

Measurement = 6.60x6.53x4.56mm


Depth = 69.8%

Table = 74%

Girdle = thin to slightly thick

cutlet = none


polish = VG

symmetry = VG


clarity = VVS2

Color = F

flouresence = No

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There's no way to give a legitimate answer without actually examining the individual piece and considering what marketplace is involved. There are quite a few variables involved beyond the few that you've listed. Since you've already chosen your appraiser, ask them about your concerns during your appraisal session.


Why the preference for IGI?



Neil Beaty


Independent Appraisals in Denver

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