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Advice on selling my bracelet.


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Hello and thank you in advance for any help!



I have an appraisal (the price seems pretty exaggerated though), but nevertheless here are the details:


Stamped 14KT white gold

7 inches in length set with 56 princess cut diamonds Weight by gauge: 9.34 Carats

Average Quality Grades SI2-I2 Clarity, G-H Color

Total weight of the bracelet by scale: 21.5 grams

The retail value on it is $21,600 CDN


I am in the market to sell this and have several appointments with some jewelers in the upcoming weeks. What I was hoping to find on here is some advice on how NOT to be ripped off. I don't expect to receive the appraisal value, or even retail, but I was thinking somewhere in the range of 9000-12000. Am I wrong in assuming that I should be getting at least 50% of what my appraisal is saying?


My strategy is to visit several jewellers and see what the offers are and go from there. I'm in Toronto and also wondering if anyone can suggest good jewelers who buy diamonds.

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Try eBay.


However when you post your bracelet, take lots of pictures of it, up close. Include scans of any documents you might have. Provide as much information as possible, including where/when you bought it, how often you wore it, and anything else you think the buyer might want to know. It's better to disclose too much than too little.

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Thanks so much for your suggestion! I was thinking about trying that, but as I am not an established seller on ebay I think it might be quite hard to sell it that way. Perhaps I should get a family member that is active on ebay to sell it for me.


Anyone else, especially in the Toronto area.

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In most markets that price would indeed be pretty high. Unfortunately, it’s not really possible to convert from one marketplace to another by a straight percentage. This will depend to a large part on what the original appraiser meant when they came up with that price. I’ve seen items that sell for 5% of the appraised ‘value’ while others will sell for considerably above it. If you don’t know what you have and what it’s worth in the market you are looking at, consider hiring an appraiser to answer YOUR questions rather than those posed by someone else. The document you have simply doesn’t contain the information you need.


I2 tennis bracelets on ebay seem to go for about US$150/ct. although this can vary quite a bit with the design, the designer and other critical details.


Neil Beaty


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Ebay. pictures, pictures, pictures and detailed description of the item. Use Paypal and don't sell to anyone with ebay negative feedback. Ship US Post Office, registered Mail, return receipt.

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