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Jeweler recommendations - Philly Area


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I am getting ready to purchase a diamond engagement ring and the process is slightly overwhelming. I've purchased a few books but it seems to me that one of the most important choices is the choice of the right jeweler. Does anybody have any recommendations for a good reliable jeweler in the Philadelphia area? Any and all help would be greatly appreciated!

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I bought my last engagement ring in Philly. I bought at Daniel Phillip... the sales tactics were kind of high pressure and therefor I would not recomend them.


I am in the process of selling that ring around the corner at Ben Sorkin who is on Samson Street. He's been great so far and really willing to sit down and work with you.


Best of luck with your shopping and tell Ben that Matthew from VA says hi!

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Although this question was posted a long time ago, I wanted to add my response in case someone is searching for a diamond in Philly now.


You obviously can't go wrong at the King of Prussia jewellry stores- Cartier's, Bailey,Banks Biddle etc. but you are paying a premium. The Diamond district in Center City is a wonderful place to look, but you have to know what you are looking at through the loupe- or hire an "expert" to shop with you!!


I think a great recommendation is a very unromantic place but you will save tons and its reputation is stellar- Sam's Club!! Their jewellry department has been revamped and they are selling diamonds for even way over $100,000! You will have the purchasing power of Sam's Club to help you and they are very nice to deal with. You need to meet with them and tell them exactly what you want, price range etc. and they will organize it for you. They have a small selection in their store that can start you off. They are a nice cross between the Philly diamond district and a nice jewellry store. You just have to join the club when you walk in. Costco's is another great way to save money, but they haven't done a major push re:diamonds.

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