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Girdle Thickness and greyish color in sun


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I'm considering a diamond that seems to be in the ideal cut range, according to the chart on your website. My question is regarding the girdle thickness. It is not listed on your chart. The diamond has a thin to very thick girdle. Is this acceptable? The diamond is a marquise shape and the length width ratio is a 1.69 but it is a beautiful stone. It is a VS2 and H in color. My other question is - is it normal to see a greyish tone in direct sunlight? Out of the sun it is very white.

Thank you.

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What I've seen some refer to as a greyish color is actually the clarity and cut of the diamond is very good. It's better than being a cloudy white color or just a see through type of diamond That usually means the cut is bad. If it is a beautiful diamond to your eye don't worry about the girdle measurements. If it were extremely thin or extremely thick that could be a slight problem but not in the area that you stated.

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