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a WHITE diamond look?


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Since I compounded two issues before, I am listing this issue seperately because I just can't figure it out.


I prefer a diamond to look white as opposed to clear ... in order to get this look do I pay attemtion to getting an ideal cut or what factor determines this the most? (clarity?, fluorescense?)


I used to buy my diamonds in Belgium and those stones look just so much more white than what I am being shown so far in America ... so I am considering going back there to buy our ultimate wedding ring (around 2.5 - 3 CT)...

If anybody could tell me what specification to look at in order to make sure the diamond looks WHITE (like an icy fire) I might also consider buying a diamond over the internet...


Right now we are considering getting a round 2.5 to 3 CT diamond in a G color with a VS2 clarity and an ideal cut in the hopes of getting the look. However, if this turns out to be too expensive then we might consider getting a SI1 without any visible inclusions which we would hope to get by making sure to look for an ideal cut ... does this make any sense???







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